Monday, December 19, 2016

In a galaxy far, far away...

Mr Rosanna and I took the kids to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on the big screen in 3D at IMAX Melbourne on the weekend and it was Awesome with a capital A!  While The Force Awakens was more a tribute to the past, this prequel story to the original Star Wars (A New Hope) was an entirely different thing incorporating another female lead, a truly international cast including our very own Ben Mendelsohn as one of the baddies, a very funny Droid as well as amazing CGI effects to join all the dots.  We loved it and may see it again at the movies while it's still on - something we've never done before.  If you're sci fi geeks like us, then you'll be in movie heaven.  If you do see it at IMAX, book discounted car parking online before you go in.
The other thing Mr R and I got up to over the weekend was last minute Christmas shopping and grocery buying at Leo's in Heidelberg.  We parked in Burgundy Street and grabbed coffees at Rocket cafe before going in to do a very big shop.  I noticed too that there's a new (old) cafe The Alleyway Heidelberg about to open - it's the old Green Orange cafe in between the Italian tailors and Cafe Matto (before the alleyway to the car park) which suffered fire damage a few months ago and is currently being renovated.
Leo's is more expensive than the other local supermarkets - I daresay because it has more gourmet and premium food offerings than our locals including beautifully packaged imported foods from far away places.  I got sucked into buying this Dutch apple spread (below) just for the container, which reminded me of Christmas - have I ever eaten Dutch apple spread?  No - but I made some of my fellow customers laugh in the aisle as I weighed it all up.  And in case you're wondering, it's actually a sandwich spread which tastes a bit like golden syrup but with a denser consistency.  Still, what about that packaging - hey?

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