Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas karma

Christmas must be do I know?  Because for the first time in over eight years of living here, a Christmas beetle came to visit us yesterday.  We found him on our front porch keeled over on his back trying to right himself.  We turned him over and marvelled at his beautiful metallic green colour before taking turns holding him in the sunlight when he suddenly took off into the blue horizon - go little beetle!  I hope it's a sign of good things to come - apparently beetles symbolise karma, spirituality and creativity.
Our Christmas beetle who came to visit (above)
I feel like I've been waiting a long time for Christmas this year as much as I have been busy right until the very end.  I have friends and family who are working until Christmas Eve and if this is you, then I am feeling for you.  I hope you've managed to buy all your presents and get yourself organised for the big day.

If you've had a good year, then it's time to feel very grateful and blessed for the opportunities that have come your way and all that you have.  If you are in good health, have a roof over your head, enough money to pay your bills and put food on the table and enjoy the love of your friends and family - then you are very lucky indeed.  My thoughts this year are with those in my circle who have lost members of their family, those who've battled life-threatening illness and one poor unfortunate friend who has had multiple woes on a number of different fronts - I think this has been her annus horribilis in the words of the queen.
As for me, I'm going to have a little break to rest, re-charge and re-set for what is looking like a very big year in 2017.  If you're into numerology at all, it's a number one year which marks the beginning of a whole new nine year cycle, which I like the sound of.  I wanted to thank everyone who reads this little blog of mine - readership is currently at an all time high as I've cracked the 10,000 page views mark.  While for me it's never been about how many people read Miss Rosanna but more about the quality of people who read this blog, it's been reassuring to know there are lots of thinking people out there - I hope you've found this helpful (and entertaining!).

I would also like to thank my sponsor this year, the lovely Nikki Ellis from Cinch PT who has recently celebrated her birthday.  Mr Rosanna and I have unfortunately fallen off the exercise bandwagon so will be back in her studio in the new year, if not before.  I will also be back in the new year with a brand new look.  After six years, I thought it was time!  I believe that's a wrap for this year people - have a wonderful Christmas!

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