Friday, November 11, 2016

Keeping calm

It's a changed world political landscape since I last posted and while things feel uncertain, there's a lot to be said for staying calm and carrying on with normal life (as per Winston Churchill's famous war time words) while things are left to settle.  I do wonder what the world would be like if we had more female leaders but I also think leadership isn't an easy thing.  I've actually been asked to run a workshop at a leadership summit being held interstate next year so I will reveal more closer to the time.
David Hockney English 1937- Yosemite 1 October 16th 2011 (1059) iPad drawing Collection of the artist © David Hockney

Spring feels like it has definitely sprung today and I've been enjoying my time in the garden and pottering around my house.  There are a few things I wanted to mention in relation to this.  David Hockney has just opened at the NGV, and La Trobe University where I work, has a partnership with both the NGV and State Library Victoria.  A friend of mine went to the launch where 79 year old Hockney was present and his colourful landscapes and garden scenes are just beautiful.
Green Garden 2015 by Elizabeth Nelson image via Bundoora Homestead Art Centre
Verdant Garden opens at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre on Saturday 26 November drawing inspiration from the role of the garden on contemporary life and includes works by Mark Dober, Sarah Hendy, Penelope Hunt, Gina Kalabishis, Elizabeth Nelson, David O'Brien, Alice Wormald and more.  The Homestead itself has a heritage garden which is a lovely place to visit.
The Six Seasons of My Backyard image via Leanne Cole
I did catch Tim Ross' show on ABC 'Streets Of Your Town' on Tuesday night and got a thrill seeing the Rosanna Golf Links Estate (where family and friends still live) featured as some of the Merchant Builders homes have gardens by Ellis Stones.  Locally, fine art photographer Leanne Cole is holding her book launch of 'The Six Seasons of My Backyard' at the Old Shire Offices in Heidelberg on Thursday 24 November.  Regrettably I can't make it to Leanne's launch but will be interested in buying a copy of her book for Christmas and you can buy them directly from her if you are local.

Finally, the annual Strawberry Fair held at Rosanna Uniting Church at Arden Crescent is on tomorrow from 9.30 - 2.30 pm and if the weather is as sunny as today, it will be a great event to go to!  Have a good one.

Nb. Miss Rosanna is a Bundoora Homestead Art Centre Board of Management member

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