Monday, October 17, 2016


It's been a while since I caught up with my best friends.  While I've never been to Mamasita, we were happy to go to their new outpost - Hotel Jesus - in Smith Street, Collingwood on the weekend.  The whole street was jumping as usual on a Saturday night and we got there early so weren't waiting long for a table.  The interior is a bit in your face with lots of white tiling and a fairly lurid shade of blue for the chairs and banquette seating - think 1970s style Mexican diner and you'd be on the money!
It all makes for a a great experience and we had lovely, attentive staff who made sure we understood how the ordering system and dishes all worked.  The girls and I shared some freshly made guacamole (delicious!) and ordered a couple of tacos each - I had one beef and one seafood and they were both good.  We also each ordered the barbecued corn cob which comes on a stick with black mayonnaise.  It's actually more of a squid ink blue and leaves traces everywhere!  It's extremely tasty but maybe not something you'd want to eat on a first date.  At one stage, the girls and I looked like zombie brides with black lipstick all around our mouths, on our faces and fingers.
Still, it was fun and service was fast, which is what you want when you're hungry.  We went across the road past Panama Dining Room on to Gelato Messina, which was like walking in to a night club.  It's pretty dark inside, which makes it hard to work out what the flavours are, and the music was turned up loud!  I couldn't believe how busy it was.  I've always been a bit skeptical about dessert bars and gelaterias as I wonder how they maintain business during the seasons but this place was packed out.  While we were there, we had other friends and family walk in by coincidence so it's definitely popular.  I tried the coffee (creamy and smooth) but there are lots of different flavours on offer and it's very good, as you would expect.
Hotel Holiday mocktail
Speaking of all things South American, the Hispanic Latin American Fiesta is on next month in Johnston Street and I remember going on the zipper ride there one year with my friend Jules and we screamed our heads off!  I have a couple of friends who have a great passion for all things Spanish and South American in particular and they love this festival.
Image via Johnston Street Fiesta

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