Friday, October 7, 2016

Four seasons

Image via First Year @ La Trobe blog
What a schizophrenic week it's been in Melbourne weather-wise.  From high winds to bitter cold to brilliant sunshine - I can't quite keep up.  It's made dressing for work an interesting exercise every morning trying to work out what to wear and whether or not to take a jacket and scarf (yes!).  I've been enjoying the La Trobe University Melbourne campus at Bundoora and was thrilled to see a couple of kangaroos the other day when going to grab some lunch.  There's also emus in the Wildlife Sanctuary although I've yet to see them.  And I'm really hoping not to see the snakes...apparently there was a tiger snake last Summer sunning itself near the moat, but that's all part of working in such leafy green surrounds.  There is a market held every few weeks at the University and I've found it hard to resist the hot jam donuts from the donut van.

Image via Bundoora Homestead Art Centre
Speaking of beautiful green places in Bundoora (and snakes!), there are four fantastic shows opening today at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre in Snake Gully Drive, Bundoora featuring the work of different artists - Stephanie Hicks, Deborah White, Anna White and Betra Fraval & Ben Taranto taking the form of images, performance-based videos, abstract oil paintings on perspex and other various forms and materials.  Submissions are also currently open for exhibition proposals if you're a local artist.
Image via A boy named Sue
Given I've been eating donuts, I'm glad to have returned to exercise this week and I'm feeling a lot better for it although I'm wondering how I'll pull up tomorrow after going to training at Cinch PT this morning.  I couldn't believe how sore I was the first time I started training given the sessions are only 45 minutes, which pass very quickly.  You do get over the initial soreness and it means you're actually strengthening your body so no pain, no gain as they say.  My trainer Nikki Ellis was talking about turmeric lattes now being on offer at Miss Marie Cafe in Rosanna - I've yet to try one but apparently turmeric's very good for the prevention of dementia.  My Indian pharmacist Barty has turmeric every morning.
Image via Postino
Hopefully the weather will stay nice this weekend as both the Wadambuk Makers Market out in St Andrews is on as well as the Eltham Farmers Market.  Some local friends have been asking us to go to the St Andrews Market with them and grab pizza at A boy named Sue.  I'm catching up with my besties next weekend but they did have a catch up at Postino pizza bar in Balwyn (next to Snow Pony) while I was convalescing and said that it was good.  I have had pizza closer to home too at Four Leaves in Greville Road, which now also has live music on Thursday nights.
Image via Hoppa & Joe Facebook page
Hoppa & Joe in Fairfield is now open and has received a write up in Broadsheet, as well as Gellibrand in Reservoir (pronounced 'Reservor' by locals and not like the body of water) where a number of my current work colleagues live.  Mr Rosanna and I also walked past dessert bar Sweet Mocha on the way to Cinch PT this morning, which is just about to open in time for the warmer weather...bring it Melbourne!

Nb. Miss Rosanna is a Bundoora Homestead Art Centre Board member.

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