Saturday, September 10, 2016


I must admit, I've had better weeks health-wise.  I had a full medical over a week ago after succumbing to yet another respiratory illness and my Collins Street doctor has joined the dots and thinks it's been hay fever-related.  Needless to say I'm now on pretty strong medication but may have to go and see an allergist.  If you do suffer from hay fever, it can be more than just an annoyance and I know a number of people who've had full de-sensitisation treatment via regular injections over a period of years as it's made their lives so miserable.  I hope you may be luckier than me!
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I had been hoping to participate in the Olivia Newton John Wellness Walk and Research Run being held tomorrow at my workplace -  La Trobe University - but may have to wait until next time.  Mr Rosanna and I were out on the road yesterday at Bunnings Northland as we're gearing up for more painting and decorating at our place amongst other things now that it's Spring.
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We dropped in to Kooinda Brewery in the back streets of industrial West Heidelberg where he bought some local beer.  We also drove past the Children's Book Sale at the Scholastic Warehouse on Northern Road but didn't get a chance to drop in, I've already started stocking up on books for Christmas presents.
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We spent last Sunday celebrating Father's Day with my in-laws and both my parents and in-laws are increasingly difficult to buy for given they've pretty much got all the things they've ever wanted or needed.  These days, we tend to buy them practical things, which they can use or experience and I was reading about a couple of interesting places in the inner north including Cut Throat Knives in North Coburg where you can have kitchen knives hand made as well as Work-Shop Melbourne in Fitzroy which run 'fun and affordable short courses in arts, crafts and life skills' - their words not mine!  There's also Dejour Jeans in Brunswick where you can get customised jeans for around $60 - I've never been but been meaning to go given I tend to always have to get my jeans altered if I buy mainstream brands.
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Enjoy the weekend!  Despite my hay fever, I'm still glad it's Spring.

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