Friday, September 30, 2016

Seekers of good

How have you found the Red Fire Monkey year so far?  The pace has been brisk I have to say...I've found it a pretty dynamic year with lots of changes not just for our family, but lots of people I know - both good and bad.  We're now heading into the last quarter for the year (I sound like a football commentator!) and I wish good things for us all in the lead up to Christmas.
Image via Melbourne's Mystery Market
Besides the AFL Grand Final, there are a couple of markets on this weekend including Melbourne's Mystery Market which is actually the Spring Design Market at Fed Square on Sunday, as well as the Hurstbridge Farmers Market.
Image via The Goodness Bureau
My fellow Bundoora Homestead Art Centre Board member (and Chair) Valentina Maxwell-Tansley also has a solo exhibition opening Mono - an exhibition of monoprints and printmaking which opens tomorrow at the wonderfully named The Goodness Bureau at 734 High Street Thornbury, which specialises in ethically sourced and made pieces.  I saw one of Valentina's pieces at the Linden Postcard Show last year and nearly bought it!
Image via
I'm glad the kids are returning to school next week and it's actually Walk to School month this October.  I hope to return to yoga and training this term, and perhaps even some running.  Speaking of which, it's been a bit disconcerting to read about the proposed Lower Plenty Road level crossing removal near the Rosanna parklands and the fact that many of the 100 year old red gum trees near the train line may be cut down.  Traffic and infrastructure are big issues in Rosanna, as they are in many places in Melbourne, and it seems to be a fraught balance between the environment and development required to meet the needs of a growing population...
Georgia, Kath and me at St Cloud Vietnamese Eating House
I've managed to miss catch ups with a number of friends over the past month due to sickness.  The gang at La Trobe invited me for drinks at Naked for Satan in Fitzroy and Stray Neighbour in Preston, which I missed but I did have a fantastic dinner not so long ago with my ex-work friends Georgia and Kath along with our partners at St Cloud Vietnamese Eating House in Hawthorn.  I actually thought I was in Fitzroy at one stage, especially walking in and being greeted by tattooed hipster staff who took me upstairs to the undercover rooftop bar before going downstairs and having the banquet meal, which was sensational, and the servings are generous.

Enjoy the long weekend and Go Doggies!

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