Friday, August 26, 2016

Bold Thinking

It's been a busy first week back from overseas.  I had my first Bold Thinking Series public lecture last night at the State Library Victoria and I'm happy to say it was a success.  Numbers weren't as high as we would have liked in the lead up (and probably not helped by me being away for three weeks) but we got there in the end.  And as much as I'm more an arts and culture lover, it was a fascinating conversation no doubt helped by the fact that Francis Leach did such a stellar job as the MC and is a seasoned pro and the other speakers on the panel including Nick McKenzie from The Age and La Trobe University's Professor of Practice in Sports Management, Catherine Ordway, in particular were extremely engaging and informative presenters.  The lectures are held in the Village Roadshow Theatrette through a side entrance just up from Mr Tulk if you're heading there from Swanston Street.
L-R: MC Francis Leach, Nick McKenzie, Catherine Ordway, Paul Marsh, Russell Hoye (seated), Professor Betty Leask
My team were farewelling a long-time staff member so I told them all to have a drink at The Moat (under The Wheeler Centre) beforehand while I was on call at the library, as they'd also come into town to see the lecture.  My next lecture on 22 September is Communications and the guest speaker is Jane Caro who I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting - I will reveal more closer to the time but given I'm a communications professional, I'm really looking forward to this one.
The La Trobe Reading Room at the State Library of Victoria image via Wikipedia
Our whole house has been in a state of disarray since we got back home - the kids have been tired returning to school and their extra-curricular activities and we've got a number of house projects that we've already started (although I don't know if it ever ends once you buy your own place, or even if you rent) including separate rooms for the kids.  Spring is next week - yay for that!  It has also been National Op Shop Week this week and given we stocked up on some new clothes and shoes while we were away - Mr Rosanna and I have been keeping to our new motto of if something new comes in, something old must go so we've already bagged up a lot of our old stuff and donated to charity and it's a good feeling.
Image via Mr Tulk
I'll have a new local profile up next week just in time for Spring and I also hope to put up a first post about our trip so look out for this - I'm still holding on to the memories at this stage and my boss Tim was laughing at me when I walked into the office this week with a huge smile on my face when he asked me about our holiday - we did have a great time!
The Moat image via The Wheeler Centre

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