Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day

There's a saying apparently attributed to the Chinese about living in interesting times and, politically speaking, it definitely has been interesting times in Australia and the greater world these past few weeks and this past weekend with the federal election.  Sometimes I wonder where it's all going to end up particularly with younger people checking out in terms of engagement and interest in politicians and politics.
Image via Banyule City Council
On a brighter note, it's my birthday today!  And I seem to be a glutton for punishment, I've been in my new job for four weeks only and during that time, I've also had a whole series of additional responsibilities come to the fore including my talk tomorrow night from 6.30pm with Jessica Velasquez as part of the Banyule Art Salon workshop series at Hatch Contemporary Arts Space in Ivanhoe.  If you are a local artist wanting to brush up on writing skills, please come along!
Image via Open House Melbourne
The next Speaking of Sustainability public speaking event is also on tomorrow night from 7.30pm at St Pius X Primary School in West Heidelberg while I'm excited about the upcoming Open House Melbourne 2016 on 30/21 July.  There's also a series of related events attached to this which have caught my including including Access all Areas at The Wheeler Centre and the Young Guns of Melbourne talks by leading architects focusing on architecture and design of some of Melbourne's coolest cafes and other venues..
Image via Melbourne Architours
Speaking of which, Melbourne Architours is also holding its most popular Art Deco to Moderne tour on 9 July if you are interested in signing up.

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