Friday, July 15, 2016

Hello weekend

Ah yes...the's always Happy Friday when you know the weekend is on its way.  Especially since we are in what the indigenous Aboriginal people used to call 'Deep Winter' - the year for them was broken up into seven seasons here in Melbourne, not four!  I've been trying to stay warm by eating, and exercising.  I was at Cinch Training in Macleod this morning for a workout with Mr Rosanna and we passed by new cafe Espresso 54 which is a great addition to that long strip, particularly cafe-wise.
Image via Preston Fresh Hood
While my mind is still on food, it was actually Bastille Day yesterday and I've been reading about Lune Croissanterie in Fitzroy for a while now - apparently the queues in the morning are a bit out of control but I am partial to a nice almond croissant, so I've dropped a hint to one of my new work colleagues who lives nearby that it would be a lovely morning tea treat in the office!
Image via Lovehate Facebook page
Speaking of food, Fresh Hood at Preston Market (food, drink, music and art) opens tomorrow and it's fantastic to see Darebin council rejuvenating the market in new and innovative ways.  Mr R and I have actually been invited to dinner at Bar Nonno on High Street in Northcote this weekend and very much looking forward to it.  Lovehate jewellery and accessories also have a pop up shop called Hello Northcote that's on from now until August 7 if you are in the area.
Image via Gertrude Street Projection Festival
I'm hoping to swing by the Gertrude Street Projection Festival over the weekend too given I'll be nearby.  Finally, Motives and Motifs starts on 16 July at the Islamic Museum of Australia in Thornbury while Simon Finn's exhibition Behind the Fustrum at LUMA in Bundoora opens on 20 July.

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