Friday, June 24, 2016

Of love, and light

Besides being the Winter Solstice on Tuesday, it was also the second International Yoga Day, which I celebrated by going to yoga - it's long been a passion and something I will continue to do into my twilight years.  For me, there's also been a transformational element to it - it's connected mind, body and spirit and set me on a more self-aware path in life - something that I wasn't necessarily expecting when I took it up in my early twenties.  The word yoga itself means 'union' but for me it's also been about balance - literally and figuratively speaking.  What you do on one side, you repeat on the other but it's carried through into greater significance for me as balance has played out in my adult life.  It's one of the reasons why I have stuck to my guns and been determined to find a meaningful part-time job given the demands of family life at this stage, but I am aware that I'm one of the lucky ones who has made this happen and been prepared to be both patient and persistent.
International Yoga Day in New Delhi 2015 image via Wikipedia
It's been a crazy few weeks for us as a family with Mr Rosanna leaving his job after many years, me started starting my new job at La Trobe University and organising childcare.  I've also had to juggle my freelance clients with handover, or other meetings, as well as attended my first Board of Management meeting at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre last Saturday.  It was great to meet my fellow board members who are a pretty diverse bunch including JD Mittman and Valentina Maxwell-Tansley who were fellow members with me on the Banyule Arts & Cultural Advisory Committee, but also people like Michael Brennan, Acting Artistic Director at LUMA, Vicky Guglielmo, Manager of Creative Culture at Darebin Council and Alice Park from Creative Victoria to name but a few.  One of the things that has really impressed me about Darebin Council is that creativity is actually one of its pillars as an organisation, given the artistic community that both reside or work in that municipality, along with evidence-based data that demonstrates its significant flow-on economic benefits.  It was a great first meeting and I'm looking forward to doing some really good things there over the next two years.

Speaking of Darebin, the Melbourne Magic Festival starts next Monday at the Northcote Town Hall and it's one I keep meaning to take my children to, particularly since son number one is very much into magic and spells at the moment.  Local fashionista Estelle Michaelides is holding her State of Georgia three day sale which starts today at The Estelle Store, 244 Upper Heidelberg Road in Ivanhoe while in nearby Eaglemont Village, they are also holding their Sizzling Saturday Market tomorrow.
Image via Light in Winter - Federation Square
While it's the opposite of sizzling today (apparently it's the coldest day in 18 years!),  the 10th annual Light in Winter event at Fed Square is currently on and I think it's a great way to celebrate the cold season while lighting up the dark.  We could all do with a bit of light in our lives at the moment!  Have a great weekend.

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