Friday, June 17, 2016

Local Profile - Kim Clipstone

I met Kim at Cinch Training in Macleod when we were partnered up a couple of weeks ago (she's strong!) and her clinic is located just around the corner in Aberdeen Rd.  I've had acupuncture a number of times in the past, when traditional western medicine hasn't solved my problems.  Given my ongoing immune system issues, particularly since the cold weather arrived, I will be making a beeline for Kim's clinic for a consultation in the next few weeks.  If you are interested in natural/complementary therapies, read on for more about the lovely Kim.
Name: Kim Clipstone
Occupation: Acupuncturist, Bowen, Pregnancy & Remedial Massage Therapist at Renew Acupuncture Clinic in Macleod.
Lives/works: Macleod
How long have you lived/worked here? Three years in Macleod and Watsonia
Describe yourself/what you do: 
Helping people feel good is my business! Each day I help facilitate the body's amazing ability to heal itself.  Whether it be becoming pain free from that 5 year shoulder pain that wouldn’t budge, sleeping longer and through the night, being rid of headaches or that cold and hayfever that plagues you year round.  Getting those hormones, digestion or anxiety under control, or just a treatment to relax and get the body back in balance.  I love what I do and continually am amazed at the power that acupuncture and massage has in being able to help so many people.
I also treat a lot of bubs and kids with a Japanese needle free acupuncture technique called Shonishin. As a mum I know what it is like to have an unwell child so I love using Shonishin, as it is gentle and gets results quickly.
My next project will hopefully be to open a community acupuncture session.  This is aimed at making acupuncture more accessible to everyone in the community. The great thing about this is that you can access acupuncture for a minimal fee – regularly, in a quiet space with others, remain fully clothed and improve your health.

Best thing(s) about living/working in Melbourne’s north-east:
The thing I love about working in Macleod is the friendly community atmosphere. As a local trader, shopper and mother I always feel welcome in all of the businesses at Macleod Village. There is always someone to tell you a joke or have a laugh with.

For more information: 
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