Monday, June 27, 2016

Inside out

I hope you had a great weekend and getting over it being Monday all over again!  I've been running on adrenalin the past few weeks and looking forward to having some quiet weekends at some stage although that may not be until Spring...when you have kids, you also spend an inordinate amount of time taking them to their appointments, activities and social events, on top of any that you might have for yourself.
Espresso 3094 image via Zomato
I actually spent most of the past weekend locally with a Saturday morning catch up with Jessica Velasquez for coffee at her local, Espresso 3094, in Were Street Montmorency.  I've mentioned before that if we hadn't bought here in Rosanna, I think we might have ended up in Montmorency - I do love its village feel and artistic community.  Espresso 3094 has been there for a while now and and is a big, modern airy space, which was buzzing with young families and other locals even on a freezing cold winter's morning.
Crate Specialty Coffee image via Google+
I've been reading about a number of other local cafes around the place including Three Daughters cafe in Ivanhoe - I'm one of three daughters so think it's a great name but it's actually the cafe owner who is lucky enough to have three daughters of his own.  Crate Specialty Coffee in Heidelberg Heights is set to open next week in Haig Street and given the amount of artistic people I know who also live in that suburb (who call it Heide Heights) - I think it's probably been long overdue.

There's also community cafe Our Place right next to Hatch Contemporary Arts Space at 16 Ivanhoe Parade in Ivanhoe.  I love that there's been a proliferation of social enterprises focusing on training unemployed and other disadvantaged people in hospitality skills and what better place to do this than in Melbourne?
Golden Dragon Palace image via Zomato
Mr Rosanna and I also had a family yum cha at Golden Dragon Palace in Templestowe on Saturday, which is always good and it was great to see my extended family, who I don't see often enough.  There's nothing like a few dumplings on a cold Winter's day and the food there is always consistently good.
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary entrance image via
On Sunday, I found myself at the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary at Ironbark Hut for a French-inspired bush birthday party outside in the elements.  While I've recently run around the sanctuary perimeter now working for La Trobe University, I'd never visited it.  Luckily, the birthday hosts had a sausage sizzle going on the BBQ, as well as a roaring big fire in the open cobblestone pit that's also available if you hire the space, as it was less than 10 degrees yesterday and by the time I left I couldn't feel my feet!  Still, it was a great experience and a lot of fun catching up with other parent friends from my children's school.
Flemington cafe image via STREAT
While we're speaking about social enterprises, STREAT is crowdfunding at the moment as it tries to raise money for its flagship site in Cromwell Street Collingwood, while The Social Swap - an initiative between The Social Studio and The Clothing Exchange is taking place this week at the RMIT Design Hub.  Finally, I met another member from the Textile Art Community on Sunday, who is doing a course at Create - which is housed at the Northern College of Arts and Technology in Preston (next to Northland).  Create has been set up for mature age students and is a two-day per week hands on visual arts course.  There's also a sister Folio preparation course for adults wanting to do further study in art or design.  For more about this not-for-profit, which specialises in the arts visit or contact

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