Thursday, May 5, 2016

Your 8 second memory

The digital landscape has changed a lot of things including the way I write.  I did an ADMA IQ digital copywriting essentials course yesterday and this old dog learnt a lot of new tricks. I studied old school journalism when I was at university, which is still relevant for print media, websites and more traditional/formal communication.  However with the onslaught of social media, it's all different given apparently we are all skimmers with an 8 second attention span - that's less than a goldfish!
Image via Penguin
I was also in the city on Tuesday night as we had tickets courtesy of my client Avant Card to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's family concert, which my boys thoroughly enjoyed - a real first-time cultural experience and only an hour long.  Although the best bit by far was that the concert ended with a live performance of 'Star Wars', which was fantastic.  Both the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Victorian Opera have a number of children's performances if you're wanting to expose your kids to some culture.
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It's been a windy old week and you may have started taking shelter at home indoors - there are a number of new books which have caught my eye including The Simple Home by award-winning Down to Earth blogger Rhonda Hetzel and Mid-Century Modern Women in the Visual Arts.  Surrender by artist Joshua Yeldham also looks beautiful and was created as a journal of his life's work dedicated to his daughter.  If you're into biographies, then Georigana Molloy: The Mind That Shines on one of Australia's first internationally successful female botanists may be of interest, while for fiction fans, The last painting of Sarah de Vos has also caught my eye.
Image by Art House Gallery
There are a few interesting events that are also being held over the next few days.  Henry Talbot: 1960s Fashion Photographer (showcasing Melbourne) opens at the NGV tomorrow while the Omaru Alpacas Open Day in Cottles Bridge is on Sunday, along with Markit at Fed Square if you're wanting to shop up big on Mother's Day.  Speaking of which, don't forget the Rosanna Golf Links Primary School Mothers' Day Night Market being held tonight!
Image via Markit Fed Square
Disclosure: Avant Card is a sponsor of ADMA IQ

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