Monday, May 30, 2016

My name up in lights

Despite trying to take care of myself since the cold weather kicked in, I've managed to come down with some kind of lurgy today - I'm just glad it's not the full blown flu or gastro!  I did have a busy weekend and these days I try to schedule just one thing per day rather than multiple events like
this weekend but sometimes life just gets in the way.
Image via David's Restaurant
It's not in the north-east but I did have yum cha at David's Restaurant in Prahran yesterday catching up with my uni friends who all live in the south-east and it was great.  It's a set $40 yum cha which the staff bring out on trays and there was lots of food.  It's got a lovely whitewashed interior after being renovated a year or so ago and a different feel to Oriental Tea House (Chapel Street), which David Zhou also owns, and to which we've also previously dined.  It's more 'country Shanghai' in their words so the yum cha is also a little different to standard - there's quite a lot of fried food on the menu, as well as steamed.
Image via The Great Moscow Circus
Locally, the Great Moscow Circus is in town until 12 June at Malahang Reserve in Heidelberg West - it might be a bit chilly under the big top so I'd be taking jackets and coats with you if you go.
Image via Cinema Nova
The movie Neon at Cinema Nova in Carlton opens this week charting the journey of neon lights and celebrating the colour and light, music and history, design and cultural heritage from 1920s Paris to modern day America.  Mr Rosanna and I love a bit of neon - some of you know we recently celebrated our wedding anniversary and here's a shot of us all lit up outside Pellegrini's Cafe, when we were young and beautiful!

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