Tuesday, May 24, 2016


There's a week until Winter officially starts although we've had such a warm Autumn, it hardly feels like the cold season has arrived.  I have started eating more so it's a good thing that I've continued to exercise.  I'm not doing as much running as I would like but am enjoying my yoga classes as well as the change from boot camp to personal training at Cinch Training in Macleod.  It's quite inspiring to see the rise of female athleticism and females in sport, in general, and I'm glad that the ideal body type has moved to a more realistic, fuller-figured shape.  If you're toned and in proportion - then that's all that really matters.  For me, it's more about how exercise makes you feel, the physical outcome is the icing on the cake.
Image via www.vaporetto.com.au
Speaking of food, the Lido Cinema's Venetian-inspired wine bar and eatery, Vaporetto Bar, has now opened in Hawthorn and I think it's a great idea.  I was in Carlton a few weeks ago at Cinema Nova to watch 'The First Monday in May', and my friend Rina and I had a pre-movie coffee and croissant in the Nova Bar & Kitchen, which was a lovely way to start the morning!
Image via www.thepennydrop.com.au
I've also been reading about a new eatery called The Penny Drop at 913 Whitehorse Road in Box Hill -  a new Aus-Asian cafe developed from a pop up shop celebrating food and coffee in Box Hill.  I love the look of that curved bar and all the blonde wood.  If you're an Age subscriber, there's also a fantastic feature article on eateries in Preston in today's Good Food guide.  It's maybe De-Preston no longer...

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