Thursday, May 19, 2016

Answering the call

There are a number of call outs that I just wanted to mention on my blog today.  Firstly, there's a call out for artists in both Banyule and Darebin.  Applications are now open for the 2016 Banyule Art Salon - the inaugural biennial event to be held from 23 June - 16 July this year celebrating the work of artists who live or work in Banyule.  Entries are also open for the A1 Darebin Art Salon at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre being held August 27 - October 2 this year.
Image via Pinpoint Artists website
I was volunteering at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen yesterday and discovered that one of the Visitor Services staff Jenny Papas also runs a Melbourne-based art collective known as The M Collection and have just launched their third annual acquisitive art award for unrepresented artists.  Interestingly, both The M Collective and I own works by emerging artist Jessica Page.
Fox and Hare by Jessica Page
Darebin PitchIT is also open for entries if you have an IT start-up dream you'd like to turn into reality.  I attended a Melbourne Executive MBA information evening a couple of years ago and it was interesting hearing the marketing lecturer talk about Australia having moved from a manufacturing-based economy to a services-based one, with the barriers to entry for businesses a lot less than what they've previously been.  I have two very smart girlfriends with MBAs who are now both working for cloud-based software companies.
Image via City of Darebin
If you're an Edith Piaf fan, you may be interested in the Exposing Edith Morning Music cabaret event,  on tomorrow morning at the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre.  While if you're into Modernist architecture, you may be more interested in the self-guided tour of Influential Apartments & Townhouses this Sunday being run by the Robin Boyd Foundation.
Image via
On a final note, the 3PBS radio festival is currently on if you're wanting to subscribe or re-new as a member.

Disclosure: Miss Rosanna is currently a reserve candidate Board member for Bundoora Homestead Art Centre


  1. Thanks for the information Miss Rosanna, I always think I'm on the email list for the arts stuff in Banyule, but then I never seem to get anything. Maybe it is only for certain artists that live in the area. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Leanne - just email Steph Neoh at Banyule Arts and Culture to double check (as well as register on Pinpoint Artists website if you've not already done so). Given I was on the Arts & Culture Advisory Committee, I sometimes get things earlier. Hope all is well - we still need to have the coffee! Maybe when Four Leaves opens :-)

    2. Hi Leanne,
      Thank you for your interest in the Arts in Banyule, and thanks to Miss Rosanna for inadvertently unearthing an issue you are experiencing with our communications! \

      Can you please send an email to:, so that I can check that we have your correct email address on our mailing list?
      Once I have that, I will make sure to contact you personally.