Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wonder Woman

I've just completed week three of personal training with Nikki Ellis at Cinch Training in Macleod and I'm happy to say, it hasn't taken too long to develop some conditioning after some initial soreness the first time!  I'm also pleased to announce that Nikki is going to be one of my sponsors so I'll be receiving complimentary training in return for shout outs on this very blog.  She is the first person (and local business) that I'm entering into such an arrangement with, and I'd like to be completely transparent about it.  As I've said to Nikki, I'm happy to do this because she's a business I would normally use and indeed, that's already the case with any of the people, products, services or events I currently mention on my blog, for which I'm not receiving any payment or sponsorship.
Nikki Ellis Cinch Training image via Digidecl
But back to Nikki and her studio - ideally I'd like to be going twice a week like Mr Rosanna and most of the regulars I've already met go three times a week and you can tell.  They're all really fit and strong!  Nikki herself is a really amazing person - I've been privy to some of her personal life the past few weeks which has included on top of taking classes and running her business no less - a husband being away on business for a fortnight, speaking at a Probus event, her flying up to Sydney last weekend for the Australian Small Business Champions Awards event for which she was nominated, her temporarily coaching her daughter's soccer team as well as organising and speaking at the Rosanna Golf Links Primary School Mothers Day Night Market being held next Thursday night, which looks absolutely sensational if you're a local mum.  How's that for a start?  I think it must be all that exercise she does!
Image via RGLPS Mothers' Day Night Market Facebook page
Speaking of markets, there's also a few on this weekend including the Kew Night Market being held tomorrow and the Northern Regards Artisan Market (Kate's Market dedicated to one of the co-founders who has sadly passed away) at Northcote where you'll find my yoga friend Susie's Sassi Kandles stall.  The NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair event also starts tomorrow night and would be a dangerous one for me.  Despite the proliferation of e-book readers, I think many people continue to buy children's books and art books including me, I'm still waiting to receive my copy of 200 Years of Australian Fashion book in the post.
Kate Catterall image via Garden Euphoria Facebook page
There are also a couple of gardening events on this weekend including the free Gardening for Habitat & Biodiversity event being held at La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary in Bundoora from 10.30 am - 1 pm this Saturday (bookings essential here) as well as the Burnley Festival & Alumni Day, where my landscape designer and uni friend Kate Catterall studied horticulture.  If you're a gardener, Kate has just launched her own very inspiring gardening blog, Garden Euphoria, which I will be following and Mr R and I have previously had Kate come over to advise us on our own garden and help with plants.

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