Tuesday, April 12, 2016


How are you finding the new year so far?  For me and my community of family and friends, just like the song goes, it's definitely rung in the changes on many fronts - new jobs, new schools, new workmates and new sporting activities as well as a shifting landscape in terms of work.  My personal trainer has left the local area so I'm now on the hunt for a new one and everywhere I look there seems to be a heap of new studios opening up.  Given winter is on its way, I'd highly recommend you get yourself into a regular groove now of exercising before the weather really starts to bite.
Image via Alphington Facebook page
I was out on the road visiting my client Avant Card today and spied a new cafe, Fossette on the corner of Miller Street and Heidelberg Road in Alphington.  Mr Rosanna and I considered Alphington as a location before we moved here and while it's a gorgeous, leafy inner city suburb on the Hurstbridge train line, we were priced out of the market and we also wanted to buy a brick house.  Up until you reach Ivanhoe, many houses in the inner-northeast are weatherboard and don't have garages/carports or back yards as such - which was one of the main reasons we moved to Rosanna, to give our children plenty of green space to run around in at home.  I also wonder about what Alphington will be like once the 5000 + residents mooted for the Amcor Paper development site move in and how the current local infrastructure will cope with that kind of density - Alphington doesn't even have its own supermarket as yet...
Image via Nature Play Week
Speaking of outdoor spaces for kids, it is actually Nature Play Week until 17 April and while my children like most can be screen junkies if we let them, being so close to open spaces and parkland has been a boon in this area as it's forced us all to be more outdoorsy and conscious of the seasons.  Some of the trees around here at the moment are their own works of art.
Image via Hybrid Expression
I had a quick coffee with the lovely Melanie Miles from Hybrid Expression today at Lip Cafe in Ivanhoe.  She's recently done some beautiful illustration work for Monsieur Truffe artisan chocolate in Brunswick with some of their recent Easter packaging and of which, I was one of the lucky recipients!  It was delicious.

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