Monday, March 7, 2016

South Side Soul

Wow - it sure has been a hot start to Autumn in Melbourne.  I didn't go to the Sydney Road Street Party yesterday, which is the precursor to the annual Brunswick Music Festival that officially starts on 15 March, but I think it would have been pretty warm in the crowd.
South Side Soul images above and below via Kingston Arts
Mr Rosanna and I actually went to a friend's birthday party in St Kilda on Saturday night, which is always a big trip if not in terms of actual kilometres, at least mentally crossing over to the dark side!  It was a pretty cool party and I was lucky enough to meet some really interesting people including Isy Laderman, the former owner of Incub8r gallery on Smith Street supporting handmade Australian artists, who has just sold the business and contemplating next moves.  Also there was David Llewellyn-Smith from business blog Macrobusiness so we had a good old chat about the business of blogging.  Mr R and I also introduced ourselves to the DJ Mark Mallett (aka Big Daddy Warbucks) from South Side Soul who was spinning some very cool soul tracks on vinyl at the party - I think I might have sustained a dance floor injury at some stage during the night...needless to say it was a really fun night.
Gallery 601 street & front images above & below

Speaking of handmade Australian artists, I dropped in on local textile artist Teresa Bennett last week at her new temporary studio upstairs at 601 Waterdale Road in West Heidelberg (right opposite Latitude next to the bus depot), courtesy of a Darebin council grant.  It's a really interesting space with a textile designer collective (and other artists) upstairs holding workshops in their communal studio area, a downstairs gallery space where the artists have all used recycled material found from the adjoining hard rubbish/tip finds that are also for sale in an op shop/warehouse environment.  If you're a sustainability lover, then this one is for you.  I loved the kitsch op shop plates that had been re-fashioned into large flower sculptures in the gallery.
Image via Penguin Books Australia
On a final note I've found myself buying a lot of books at Andrews Books in Ivanhoe of late particularly as presents and I'm currently reading The Life of Elves by Muriel Barbery (the Moroccan-born French writer who also wrote the best selling The Elegance of the Hedgehog - a book I loved).  It was interesting to read that a Readings bookstore will be opening at Westfield Doncaster in August.  When I was out at Eastland the other week, I also walked past Robinsons Bookshop (who are also in Northland and Greensborough).  Long live the book!

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