Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The other half

I'm not sure what happened to summer today in Melbourne but I think the retailers would be happy given they've started launching their Autumn/Winter collections.  I always think it's funny how winter clothing is launched at the height of summer.  I remember when I was PR for David Jones one year we had to bring in additional fans to cater for everyone who attended our European Designer Collections opening event, which was held on a 40 degree day, to make sure no-one fainted.  Although having said that, I have had one person faint at one of my past events - the magic combination of lots of bodies, lots of champagne, bright lights and high heels.  Funny how I spend most of my current life in flats these days!  Maybe it's because I spend most of my time running from here to there...

Images above via Syber's Vintage Bazaar
I had to pick up a light shade from Home of Lights in Fairfield last week and while I was there I briefly stopped in at Syber's Vintage Bazaar on Heidelberg Road for a quick look, which always feels like such an indulgence.  The brother and sister owners have a real eye for antique and vintage/retro furniture as well as smaller decorative items, which are more budget and space-friendly.
Image via Amanda Addams Auctions
I also subscribe to newsletters from Amanda Addams Auctions in Kew and they are actually holding a special Deceased Estate auction at a secret location to be confirmed on Sunday 6 March, for which I've received advance notice.  This one's caught my eye because of the large number of Art Deco items, Aboriginal art and vintage collectibles that are featured.  I think it would be worth attending and viewing is always held prior to the auction with children welcome!  You do need to register your details with them if you are intending to bid.
Image via www.domain.com.au
Finally, this beautiful house at 1 Thomas Court in Eaglemont has also just come onto the market and was featured on the front cover of The Age Domain Real Estate section on Saturday.  It's had just two owners and looks pretty amazing.  How the other half lives...

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