Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Setting the world on fire

One of my few big regrets is not living and working overseas for a period of time.  I have brave friends who left the country in their twenties and now have flourishing careers overseas in London, Amsterdam, Singapore and New York working for themselves as well as international companies.  It wasn't as easy back then to work overseas and I think it's great now that we have more of a global economy and technology, which has changed the nature of work.
My ex-work colleague and friend Kris Taifalos is now chasing the dream in the Big Apple and we've actually been working together this past month - him in New York doing the design and me in Melbourne proof reading and editing copy for an interesting coaching business (for leaders of change) based in Sydney called The Change Rooms founded by Jessica Stratford.  It's been great to collaborate in the virtual world and I think this is only likely to become more prevalent with time.  Perhaps I can still set the world on fire from the comfort of my home office here in Rosanna...
Images above via kris-designer.com
A few random things to mention today - I promised I'd do the big reveal of our winter project so have posted a few pictures of our studio, which bar a new lick of paint and new door, is just about finished.  I do want to paint the concrete step which is currently purple so it's in keeping with our relatively Scandi/mid century look and feel, aside from me going with cherry red as a highlight colour instead of black and white.  In the end I didn't buy a teak side table as Mr Rosanna has put in his bar fridge...it's meant to be a shared space but I can see it becoming more of a man cave until the kids get older and claim it for themselves.
The rug and cushion fabric are Laura Ashley while the track lighting is from Home of Lights in Fairfield. The teak couch, vintage shipping map and furniture are all second hand/vintage purchased on Ebay or given to us.  The small Vedel bird (on shelf) is from Great Dane, striped ceramic bowl by Lene Kuhl Jakobsen and vintage lamp from the Brougham Street Bazaar (next to Second Home Eltham) in Eltham.  The old gauge on the internal wooden door came from the 2nd Hand Shop's closing down sale in Montmorency, before it moved to Creswick near Ballarat.  The tan ottoman is from Metroscope in Collingwood while the guitars belong to Mr Rosanna and my Dad, who is also a musician.  The room is currently used by Mr Rosanna when he's working from home as well as a music studio, movie room and library (which is out of view).
On another note, the girls who started Frankie magazine have actually moved on and created a new food and family blog and magazine targeted at people who are a bit older - it's called Lunch Lady!  It conjures up pictures in my head of women in canteens or pushing food trolleys.  Speaking of food, the fourth Tina's Noodle Kitchen at 352 High Street in Preston got a write up in today's Age Good Food Guide (Under $30) - there's also another one in Box Hill and both are run by the same people who own Dainty Sichuan if you like Chinese noodles.
Image via Hello - Lunch Lady
Meanwhile it was Mr Rosanna's turn to go out on Saturday night and I have to say, there's not a lot of places to go to locally at night around here.  I've found myself at The Old England Hotel in Heidelberg, The Eaglemont Cellars and barr'd in East Ivanhoe on various occasions.  Mr Rosanna had a family function at Little Drop of Poison bar in Eltham - which is tucked off a lane way and has more of an inner city bar feel.  I might have to check it out one night...

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