Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It's the name of Nillumbik printmaker Kate Hudson's new exhibition at the Eltham Library Community Gallery which opens on 11 February and I've been a fan of her flora and fauna inspired work ever since meeting her while I was the publicist at The Light Factory Gallery in Eltham.
New Holland Honeyeaters & Banksias print by Kate Hudson
I'm not the only one, she has also collaborated with travel & accessories label Catherine Manuell Design in Fairfield and more recently with eco-friendly stationery company Earth Greetings.  I've had my eye on one of her prints for my kitchen for a while now (hint to Mr Rosanna!).  Kate Hudson's work has always reminded me of Australian wartime artist Margaret Preston and if you're a fan of Preston's work, you're in for a treat later this year.
Image via Earth Greetings
My own garden is in a bit of a state post-summer holidays and I do admire those people with the time and passion to dedicate to their outdoor living space - a beautiful garden is a real feature and makes a big difference in terms of how you feel as well as creating an outdoor room to live in and experience.
Some of our good friends have a beautiful garden with a tree house for the kids (above) while for me, even just starting with herbs has been a good thing to do - we've had a prolific chili plant this summer after I managed to kill the last one my dad gave me!
We also spotted for the first time ever in almost 8 years, a tawny frogmouth bird in our trees just the other day.  He ignored us for most of the day until my boys crept up under him after they got home from school, and then he was eyeing them off with his yellow beady eyes, until he flew away the next day and was gone.

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