Thursday, February 25, 2016

A smiling mind

I've found February a difficult month - it's always fairly sobering (and not just if you're doing FebFast) going back to school/work/life in general after having had summer holidays - reality bites.  It's bitten us and a number of friends and family quite hard in terms of bad news and ill health.  I'm trying hard to change my focus/thinking and maintain a sense of equanimity but it's really difficult sometimes - I try to remind myself that I am only we all are.
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One thing that I've found helpful is guided meditation practice.  My kids use the Smiling Mind app at school (created by an ex-PR Jane Martino who I met many years ago) and they are actually holding a Mindful Mornings 2 hour workshop at the Schoolhouse Studios in Collingwood this Saturday - I think it would be a great introduction to mindfulness as well as the opportunity to meet a community of like-minded (excuse the pun) people.  My girlfriend Nik is an Iyengar yoga teacher and she was also listens to guided meditations by Tara Brach who is an American psychologist and proponent of Buddhist meditation.
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It's the last weekend of summer and Summer Sounds is on at the Plaza Park in Manningham this Saturday as well as the last Fairfield Summer Series concert on Sunday.  The Olympic Village Makers Market is also on this Saturday in Heidelberg West as well as the Eltham, Coburg and Slow Food Abbotsford Farmers Markets.
Summer is not over until Monday, which is a Leap Day being February 29, which only comes around every four years.  Lucky you, if you're a Leapling (born on February 29) as IMAX Melbourne is holding a special event with free tickets to all movie sessions for Leaplings born on February 29, and yes, you will need to show your photo ID or children's birth certificate!

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