Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pineapples and Rhinos

Mr Smith magazine at Hello Coffee - Apollo Bay
Kisii stone rhino at Bay of Apostles - Apollo Bay
I'm a bit in denial about the return to school and work this week while the days are still hot and sunny.  There's still another month of summer and I just wanted to post about beach house chic today.  We were lucky enough to hire a friend's beach house at Apollo Bay, who has great taste.  She and her partner, who is a mad keen surfer, have beautifully decorated their place with artwork on every wall and some consistent themes throughout their house - they have a thing for pineapples, rhinoceroses, surfboards and all things surf-related amongst other things which reflect very much who they are as people.

I loved their set of Aura by Tracie Ellis coloured plates which made eating there feel like a celebration every day.  Mr Rosanna and I also loved their big Himalayan salt lamp - apparently good to counteract tech devices/electronics as well as for people who have respiratory conditions.  We just love the look of them and ended up buying some smaller ones for our place (just watch out for condensation from them if you have evaporative cooling) from Salts of the Earth salt therapy centre in Rosanna - an interesting place if you pop your head in.

The Bay of Apostles shop there also stocked some Australian bamboo tableware called Impact Eco.  While I have previously come across Biobu by Ekobo at the Heide Store in Bulleen, I'd never heard of Impact Eco but also loved their tea containers and ended up buying one for home.
Image by Impact Eco Tableware
At Hodgys, I came across the very cool Kollab range of beach bags and cooler bags - perfect for outdoor events this summer.  I've also been an admirer of the Basil Bangs beach umbrellas & outdoor accessories for a while now, as well as The Beach People round towels.
Image via Kollab
Images above & below via Basil Bangs

Image via The Beach People
For the ultimate in beach house chic?  It's had quite a bit of press lately given it's an award wining boutique hotel with a great restaurant attached to it but I just love the way the two sisters who own it have decorated it - my pick is Halcyon House at Carabita Beach in northern NSW.
Image via Halcyon House

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