Friday, January 29, 2016

Going Bananas

It is Chinese New Year on Monday 8 February and I have no idea what's in store for this Year of the Red Fire Monkey suffice to say it already sounds pretty dynamic!  Joyce from the Mel: Hot or Not blog ran a good post on Chinese New Year celebrations around the place and one has also appeared in The Weekly Review.
Crown Lunar New Year image via Mel: Hot or Not
My mantra for this year is actually 'it is what it is' (or as Buddhists like to say 'the way it is') and while it may sound a bit resigned it's really all about acceptance, which is not to say you stop trying to achieve your goals but that you accept where you are currently at, knowing it's the reality and be happy.  According to Buddhism it's only our aversion to reality that hurts us when we'd like things to be different than how they really are.  There's also a lot to be said for giving more, expecting less and being content with that - indeed that's the whole trick to it - being happy here in the present moment with our imperfect, ever changing lives.
Shillinglaw Cafe image via Google+
I don't know what happened to summer in Melbourne today - we are a city that truly experiences four seasons in a day - I can't believe the rain!  A couple of foodie mentions in time for the weekend.  My friends Bruno and Kal have recently taken over Shillinglaw Cafe (formerly the Shillinglaw Cottage Cafe) at the heritage listed Eltham Library (which is worth visiting in itself) and I'll be making a beeline there very soon to check out the food.  Bruno is Brazilian so expect a Latin-tinged menu - I remember meeting him a number of years ago thinking he looked like a South American soccer player, but hey a South American chef is a pretty good second!
Image via St Cloud | Vietnamese Eating House
Another place that friends have been to and raved about has been new Vietnamese restaurant St. Cloud Eating House in Hawthorn.  I still love that inner city culture is coming to the suburbs after all this time...

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