Friday, January 8, 2016

Coming Home

I bought Mr Rosanna tickets to see US soul singer Leon Bridges at The Corner Hotel as one of his Christmas presents, who we saw on Wednesday night.  We had a great night, having an impromptu meal at Benjamin's Kitchen in Alphington (which had just re-opened) before heading straight to Richmond where we caught the tail end of the support act.
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Leon Bridges was fantastic - it was like being transported back to 1950s America in the Deep South - he sounds a bit like Sam Cooke with a voice as smooth as molasses.  He is also a pretty hip dresser - again it's more 1950s inspired - think Ray Charles and early Elvis Presley.  The band were very tight as was the female backing singer, who also had a beautiful voice.  It was a fun night!  There are a number of side shows happening around the place in Melbourne with all the various summer music festivals if you are a music lover - it's worth subscribing to The Venue Collective to see what's coming up.
I don't normally post about my wardrobe choices given I'm not a fashion blogger as such, but I did want to include a shot of the vintage polka dot dress and shoes I wore on the night as they were also a bit 50s inspired and given there's an actual song by Leon Bridges called Brown Skin Girl (with ruby lips and a polka dot dress), which he also sang on the night.  The only thing about wearing flat shoes (as well as being vertically challenged i.e. short) means that it's hard to see the artist if you're standing behind taller people, and there was a fashion victim couple both wearing hats (guys it wasn't a daytime music festival but a night-time inside gig) who single-handedly managed to annoy every single person standing behind them....some people have no idea.
I think Leon Bridges will be touring again at some future point, probably in a larger stadium so it was great to catch him at a more intimate venue up close and personal - he had some pretty fine moves to match his music!


  1. Cute white dress :)
    Maria V.

  2. Efharisto Maria - thanks for stopping by all the way from beautiful Greece!