Thursday, December 17, 2015

The world is not enough

I hope you are staying cool today (and the next few days) given the heat outside.  I had my Christmas party at Asian-inspired Lucy Liu on Tuesday night and the food was sensational!  One of the co-owners (and chef) is Michael Lambie (ex-Circa at The Prince) - it's also the sister restaurant to The Smith in Prahran, which is another great venue.  It's all very Melbourne from the inconspicuous doorway off Oliver Lane through a passageway to the restaurant itself, which was firing on all cylinders.  We had the window booth at the back, which was probably a good thing given how raucous we were.  I could show you the before and after photos when it all got pretty messy but I'll leave that for another time.  Let's just say the Avant Card crew work hard and play hard...We had a great time playing Bad Santa for Kris Kringle and changing chairs through the course of the night.  The mainly seafood share plates we had were served on two small Lazy Susans and it was one of the best meals I've recently had in Melbourne, which is saying a lot given I've been eating all over the place this past month!  If you're interested in booking a table, you can do so here at Open Table.
Image via Time Out
There's less than 10 days until Christmas and I hope you've got your Christmas shopping done or under control. We live in a consumer-obsessed society and the older I get, the more I lean towards buying people experiences and  gift cards, food, plants as well as handmade, homemade or second hand items.  Photo books also make great presents even in the digital age.  It's also hard coming up with good ideas for gifts!  I did buy Mr Rosanna one of these very cool solar powered MOVA spinning globes (which have no batteries but need light to spin - watch here) for his birthday this year as we are both obsessed with globes and all things to do with travel.  I was also reading about 'Want, Need, Wear, Read' as a motto for buying kids presents - get them one thing they want, one thing they need as well as clothing or books.  For stocking fillers, rather than lollies, I think socks, stationery and Christmas ornaments are also lovely ideas.  I actually bought my kids their own ceramic stars from Paper Boat Press this year and love the whole handmade, personalised keepsake aspect to them.
Image via Mova Globe Store
The Ivanhoe Makers Market is on this Saturday as well as the Eaglemont Christmas Market and Fitzroy Market.  There are also a whole heap of farmers markets on if you are buying Christmas food.
Christmas star ornaments image via Paper Boat Press
I think if you took the material things away, Christmas (for the non-religious) is about celebrating the end of the year and more about connectedness and belonging; having a sense of community whether that be family or friends or both and feeling cared for and cared about; that you matter (which you do!).  I have one friend who has not bought anything new this year at all (although I did tell her she should make exceptions when it comes to things like new undies or toiletries).  I also have friends and family who have not enjoyed good health this year or have people close to them whose health has deteriorated, as well as those who've lost family.  It's them that I am thinking of this Christmas time.

They say compare and despair; it's always easy to look at people who have more than you or think that other people lead better lives.  It's much better to try to change your thinking and focus on the good things that you already have in your life or take action to go after the things you want.  Life is short, make things count.  You count.

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