Thursday, December 24, 2015

Someday at Christmas

Getting sick the week of Christmas is not ideal but them's the breaks when you have children who not only share their love, but their germs as well...I am hoping to feel better tomorrow given it's Christmas Day and I hope you are feeling good this warm December, as my friend Stevie Wonder says.
I've moved away from making new year's resolutions the past few years and instead have just focused on one major goal for each year.  However, I do think the School of Life Melbourne classes on resolutions are definitely worth thinking about and indeed anything that further develops your level of emotional intelligence and social awareness.

I just wanted to mention a couple of fun things going on around the place for New Year's Eve and beyond.  The Melbourne Ska orchestra are playing at The Croxton in Thornbury and I think they would be awesome to see live.  If you feel like a boogie, then the PBS 106.7FM Soul-A-Go-Go New Year's Eve Bash at The Corner would also be a good one.

Speaking of live music, the Open Sessions at the Australian Open Tennis are being held from 18 - 31 January featuring some great Australian bands and singers like Dan Sultan and Katie Noonan, while Zoo Twilights at Melbourne Zoo opens on 29 January.  Tickets for both events are now on sale.

I wish you well this Christmas and hope that the coming 12 months in 2016 bring all that you want from them and more.  I thought you might like the sentiments of these Steve Wonder lyrics from his song 'Someday at Christmas', which is currently featured in the Apple Christmas TV ad but the original has been around for a lot longer and is one of my all time favourite Christmas songs.  Merry Christmas everyone - may you have hope in your heart this Christmas time.

Someday at Christmas man will not fail
Hate will be gone and love will prevail
Someday a new world that we can start
With hope in every heart

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