Monday, December 21, 2015

Shining a light

I hope you survived the awful heat over the weekend.  We ended up having our street party at our neighbours' place once the cool change arrived, and with it, the rain so a last minute change of venue!  It was still a really fun night catching up with all our neighbours in the street, which is one of the best things about living here in Rosanna - the sense of community and people reaching out, and looking out, for one another particularly at this time of the year when some people feel a sense of loneliness and isolation.

Santa apparently does a roaring trade in bicycles and puppies at Christmas time so Mr Rosanna and I found ourselves at Ivanhoe Cycles on the weekend, which despite the hot weather, was buzzing.  I hadn't been there since it moved to larger premises in Bell Street, but it's quite impressive with a huge showroom at the front and workshop down the back and people were whizzing all around me trying out bikes.
Image via Anchor Plank Skateboards
I spied these very cool Anchor Plank Skateboards for sale while we were there - they're hand made in Melbourne and based on longboard surfboards and I loved the whole retro look about them.  While we were there, I also grabbed one of these Clif energy bars to eat and had seen these before for sale at Ray's Outdoors in Preston - again I love the retro packaging and they are also pretty tasty!
Image via njHiking
Speaking of design, Mecca Cosmetica are selling these beautiful Fornasetti candle holders for Christmas - I've always coveted one of the Fornasetti wall plates - but the candle holders are just as gorgeous.  While the candle holders are beautiful, unfortunately like Diptyque, I think they use paraffin wax which aren't great for the environment or health-wise, as well as being imported.  My favourite candles are ecoya which are made here in Australia using soy wax.
Flora image via Mecca Cosmetica

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