Friday, December 11, 2015

Local Profile - Karen Glahn

I've talked about jewellery this week and I met Karen earlier this year at her pop up shop Dan3K in Clifton Hill.  I've met a number of Scandinavian people in the past few years and think they have one of the world's coolest cultures - sophisticated, urban and progressive.  Karen's led an interesting life including her current incarnation as a silversmith.  Read on for more..
Karen (in orange) and her family 
Name: Karen  Glahn
Occupation: Silver-smithing among lots of other activities
Lives/works: Clifton Hill
How long have you lived/worked here? 7 years
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Describe yourself:
I came to Australia more than  30 years ago and worked for the first 20 as a Correspondent and Journalist back to Danish Media.
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I have always created stuff with my hands but metal smithing is what I love. My aim is to make simple but beautiful and unique pieces. Often I think they reflect my Danish background.

Best thing(s) about living/working in Melbourne’s north-east:
We lived in Kew for many years but I love Melbourne’s northern suburbs.  They have an interesting mix of people.  There is a creative and friendly atmosphere and an acceptance and openness towards everybody.

For more information:
Instagram: karenglahndesign
Mobile: 0433 833 209

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