Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Power of Three

It's a busy time of year and I'll be glad to get through the next couple of weeks.  I've done the bulk of my Christmas shopping so that's one thing that's relatively under control but the end of year Christmas parties are now starting and I still have a couple of birthdays to celebrate in my household before the year is out.
Me and Avant Card Managing Director Pat Mackle with the Melbourne Festival boys
It's not in the north-east but I did have a client function at Linden New Art in St Kilda last Thursday night, which was fun!  Linden New Art is quite similar to the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre in many ways being council-owned with a heritage overlay and run as a not-for-profit.  Avant Card Managing Director Pat Mackle was one of this year's judges for the annual Linden Postcard Show and as part of the deal - we got to hold our event at the gallery while the show was still exhibiting.  It was great to mingle with our mixed and varied clients who were there on the night including people from the Melbourne Festival, Melbourne Recital Centre, Circus Oz and the Melbourne Zoo just to name a few.  I also got to meet Melinda Martin, the Director of Linden New Art who actually hails from Eltham and whose partner is celebrated local artist Juan Ford.  The only downer was the 60 minute drive across town in peak hour traffic - I saw my life flashing by as I crawled down Punt Road - the great north south divide here in Melbourne...needless to say I think I will always be a north-side girl as much as the glamorous south beckons at times.
1-2 Riverside Road Ivanhoe image via Domain
The Spring property market is full of action at the moment and these three period homes have all caught my eye, and all include the number 3 in their addresses - 1-3 Riverside Road Ivanhoe has been styled to within an inch of its life but some of the Art Nouveau period features are just divine and it's not often you see houses from this point in time - after Federation but before Art Deco.  3 Hampton Court in the heart of the Beaumont Estate in Ivanhoe is also a beautiful building - very English looking and sounding and in a fantastic location closer to the Ivanhoe Centre end off Melcombe Road.  Finally, 23 Castle Street in Eaglemont is also a pretty amazing Arts and Crafts building.
3 Hampton Court Ivanhoe image via realestate.com.au
There is lots on this week with the start of many Christmas markets and fairs not to mention a couple of big sales and festivals coming up.  I'll also have a new local profile to put up later this week.
23 Castle Street Eaglemont image via realestate.com.au

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