Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paix sur la terre

It's been a changed world since I last posted on my blog last week - maybe it's too simplistic a view of things but we are all global citizens living together in the one world and there's a lot to be said for more kindness, compassion, love and understanding across this planet of ours between all people across all borders and religions.
L-R: Rachel Griffiths and Chris Deutscher,
Annual Love Heide Dinner 2015 at The Sofitel
The irony wasn't lost on me having spent Saturday night out at a French hotel (The Sofitel) with my friends celebrating art and culture at the Heide dinner.  It's an annual fundraising dinner held by Heide Museum of Modern Art, which is largely dependent on private funding to operate as much as it's government owned and receives some public funding.  I was indeed in esteemed company, the Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley spoke at the event while Chris Deutscher from Deutscher and Hackett ran the auction with pre-eminent Australian artist Fiona Hall and photographer John Gollings both in attendance.  We were entertained by MC Tim Ross and 'Chad Bradley' (Geoff Paine) and other actors were also there as guests including Rachel Griffiths and Shaun Micaleff.  Needless to say, it was a fabulous night and I was very lucky to have been invited by friends who normally take clients.
Mr Rosanna and me - Annual Love Heide Dinner 2015 at The Sofitel
A few random things to mention today.  The East Ivy cafe in East Ivanhoe has had a few write ups now in local papers and it's great to hear that a cafe with a more urban vibe has opened up there in the village.  My boot camp buddy Rachael was also telling me about boutique Italian winery Olivigna Warrandyte - it sounds a bit similar to Montalto's on the Mornington Peninsula or Lavendula near Daylesford but it's great that we have something a lot closer to us in the north east.
Image via Sothebys Realty
This beautiful house (above) called Kinloch at 93 Arthur Street in Eltham has caught my eye and it looks like something just out of Vogue Living or Belle magazine - perhaps something a fashion designer might live in, it looks that glamorous!  I've been getting into the whole spring decorating vibe and I just wanted to mention a few online retailers that may be of interest.  I've recently bought some outdoor cushions from Bungalow Living as well as seen beautiful homewares for sale from St Barts and My Global Merchant - all of which are in Queensland.  Home by Tribal opened last week in Hawthorn and I've been meaning to visit Weylandts in Abbotsford at some stage.  It is indeed a lucky country we live in for me to be contemplating such things...

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