Monday, October 19, 2015

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It's National Bird Week this week which includes the annual Aussie Backyard Bird Count, although I'm not sure how you'd actually be able to calculate how many birds you get in your backyard like us, especially when we get hordes of naughty cockatoos that descend on our trees at any given time.  The galahs are giving them a run for their money at the moment and I'm just glad the native birds are keeping the Indian Mynas away.
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I see birds all the time when I'm running around Rosanna park although I'm yet to see any tawny frogmouths, which are apparently, a common sighting.  Speaking of which, there is a free Breakfast with the Birds event being held in Banyule this coming Sunday from 7.30 - 11.30 am assembling at the Old Shire Offices in Heidelberg.  I have become a wildlife lover since moving to the 'burbs and I am hoping the proposed Wildlife Art Museum of Australia (WAMA) in the northern Grampians does become a reality in the not too distant future.
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A few random things to mention today - while I've never played a game, I think that lawn bowls is a more accessible and social activity than a lot of other recreational sport given men, women and children of all ages are able to give it a go.  Rosanna Bowling Club at 3 - 11 Strasbourg Road next to De Winton Park had its Open Night last month but if you are interested in learning the game you can contact coaches Graeme Bravo on 0431 815 014 or Angela Martini on 0419 370 799.
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I had dinner at Cumulus Inc  in Flinders Lane over the recent school holidays while an overseas friend was visiting and it was pretty fabulous.  You can't book but we got there early and had a number of shared plates including the soft shelled crab and kingfish and it definitely still is the place to be seen although my friends and I were more interested in talking to each other - it is noisy so not the place to go to for an intimate, quiet dinner.  I've also got a dinner booked next month at The Town Mouse in North Carlton which I'm looking forward to (even though I am now more of a suburban possum - heh heh!) and it's great to see that Estelle Bistro in Northcote has had a number of recent write ups - that's also on my food radar in the lead up to the Christmas season.
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Finally this house at 18 Fairy Street Ivanhoe has caught my eye (and I'm sure the eye of many other people with deep pockets!) - I love some of the period features including the stained glass windows, arched entries, fretwork and patterned ceilings.  It's a lucky person who buys this one especially given it's in the heart of blue chip suburb Ivanhoe and at lucky number 18.

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