Thursday, October 29, 2015

The moon sees your soul

I'm not sure if you saw the full moon on Tuesday night - apparently it's what astronomers call a 'supermoon' because it appears bigger and brighter than normal moons.  I've always found the moonlight pretty inspiring and given it's my own star sign's 'ruler' - I do love the saying, 'The sun sees your body, but the moon sees yours soul...'- perhaps I have some psychic powers as well...that would be a pretty awesome super power according to my boys.
Image via Australian Geographic shop
I mentioned earlier that I've started buying Christmas presents - I'm not a huge fan of plastic toys so often find myself at Australian Geographic at Doncaster, Creative Minds in Ivanhoe or the Heide Store in Bulleen, rather than standard toy stores when I'm buying things for our children and other family and friends.  Books are always a great idea and while I've never made it to one of their sales, the Scholastic Books warehouse in West Heidelberg is having a sale from 2 - 4 December, which I think would be a worthwhile trip to stock up on Christmas and birthday presents.
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I've been spending time outdoors ever since Spring started and have been enjoying my garden and plants.  I also have indoor plants and have been going through a copper phase in terms of homewares.  Copper, and metallics in general, have been in fashion for a while but I do love the luxe feel and warmth they bring to most environments.  With this in mind, this Haws indoor copper watering can is on my lust list - it's a beautiful design and I love the longevity that this piece would bring - something for the constant gardener.  You can pick them locally at Mr Kitly in Brunswick or buy online through Peters of Kensington or Gardenware.
Image via Lover the Label®
Also on my lust list is a lace dress from Lover the Label®.  While I don't have the budget, even if I did, I'm not sure I could ever spend four figures on a dress (the one and only time I ever have was for my wedding dress) but I do love the design of the Halo Hanky Midi Dress - I think it's beautiful.

If you're not going to the races or going away for a long weekend, the Artists Open Studios Exhibition opens today at the Eltham Library Community Gallery - one of my favourite spaces in the area and there is also a twilight Made'nThornbury market being held tomorrow from 4 pm.  Have a great weekend!

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