Friday, September 4, 2015

Local Profile - Gabi Selkirk

It's not the most glamorous of topics but cleaning is a way of life and something we all need to do.  I've long been conscious of the environment and the chemicals used in many household cleaners so switched to more eco-friendly products a long time ago.  With Spring now in the air - you may be wanting to overhaul your house so I thought it was timely to feature my friend Gabi Selkirk, who has undergone her own personal and professional transformation in recent times, including now being a distributor for Nature Direct, which I use in my own home.
Name: Gabi Selkirk
Occupation: Nature Direct Independent Distributor
Lives/works: Live in Viewbank, work where ever it takes me, but mainly the northeastern suburbs.
How long have you lived/worked here? I've lived in Viewbank for 9 ½ years and worked with Nature Direct for 10 months.
Describe yourself/what do you do:
I am a Mum to 3 children aged 8, 6 and nearly 4.  I am a qualified Primary School teacher on extended family leave, but I am now running my own business with Nature Direct.  I love living a fit and healthy lifestyle, which all began last year (I was finally able to give some time to myself after having the children close together!).  2014 was a real turning point in my life - I lost a lot of weight, overhauled my family's diet and lifestyle and started my Nature Direct business!  The latter of which I had never before aspired to do.

Nature Direct is an Australian company that is passionate about protecting your family, home, pets and our environment from the impact of chemicals as well as promoting better health.  I love working with them for so many reasons - I get a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I am helping the wider community live in a safer home environment by reducing the amount of toxic cleaning products they may be using.  The flexibility to work around my children and their needs is very important to me and I also get paid a generous weekly income.  Plus I have the opportunity to go on a free annual overseas trip to reward my successful business as well as world class training, which helps me both personally and professionally.

Best thing (s) about living/working in Melbourne’s northeast:
I love living and working around Viewbank and surrounds and feel very lucky to call this my home.  Everyone is so friendly and I have met so many amazing people through my Nature Direct business.  There is such a community feel that it gives me a strong sense of belonging.  I love the parks and open spaces to exercise, play with my children or relax (this doesn’t happen often enough!).  The serenity of being down near the Yarra River is amazing but we are still close enough to easily experience the culture of what Melbourne has to offer.

For more information:
If you would like to know more about Nature Direct products (or if you are looking at starting a new career) please feel free to contact me:
Mobile: 0413 523 302
Facebook: www.facebooknaturedirectgabiselkirk
or visit

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