Thursday, September 10, 2015

Creative Sparks

Before I had children, life was like some undulating plain before me but now I measure my time according to school terms and boy, it sure has been a busy one as much as I was hoping things would be less crazy leading up to the end of this term.
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A few random things that I wanted to mention today - this modernist house at 18 Lady Betty Parade in Viewbank has caught my eye.  Firstly, it's at number 18 which is lucky for the Chinese and secondly, how awesome is the name of the street?  It sounds very dignified!
Image via Altair Restaurant
If you're a lover of Spanish food, Chato in Thornbury has had a couple of write ups now and would be worth visiting.  My client Pat has also recently visited fine dining establishment Altair in Warrandyte and has said that it is also worth going to if you're out that way.  Meanwhile, my former client The Light Factory Gallery in Brougham Street Eltham has undergone a transformation and new incarnation, which I will reveal next week.
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I was at Heide Museum of Modern Art volunteering yesterday and one of the best things about being there has been meeting a wonderful community of fellow creative professionals - there is a volunteer book club, recipe swap and many other special events held if you're part of the circle.  Speaking of which, there are number of other creative circles around and I just wanted to mention a few of them.  If you are a female creative, you may be interested in the Creative Women's Circle who hold various networking events throughout the year and who have published a number of helpful books.  If you live in Reservoir or nearby, there is also the Creative Spark: Network 3073 which is holding a networking event on 24 September.  Finally, there is also the Warrandyte Creative Circle who meet on the first Thursday of every month at the Warrandyte Library from 2 - 3pm - no bookings are necessary.

I'll be back tomorrow regarding a number of events being held this weekend with sunny weather predicted!

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