Monday, August 10, 2015

Waiting for Spring to be Sprung

It's been a long winter and I know many of you feel the same way - it was bleak last week and cabin fever had set in with a number of my friends and family, who were all feeling pretty miserable and over it!  Myself included in that basket given I came down with the same bug that my kids had last week.  They've since bounced back but not their poor mother...
Artwork at Bulleen Art & Garden
I'm really happy to say that I have seen blossoms appearing on trees so despite the cold, Spring is definitely on its way.  Seeing the sun out this morning has also lifted my spirits although I strive to remember that the sun is always out, even when it is behind the clouds, as the Buddhists say.
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I didn't get a chance to post late last week but Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen Art & Garden (BAAG) is celebrating its 20 year anniversary with a new gallery opening and exhibition showing from now until 20 September.  I've not yet had a chance to visit since they've finished their renovations but given Spring is around the corner, I will be in to buy new herbs and plants in the coming weeks.  The owner Meredith Plain is a practising artist who is very much inspired by nature, as many artists are.  I've always loved the bohemian feel of BAAG as I know it and we're lucky to have not one, but two great nurseries in the area with the more upmarket The Greenery across the road in Heidelberg.  I have been into The Greenery more recently and their visual merchandising and styling of garden-inspired interiors and homewares inside the main building is second to none including the new floral displays (yes, real flowers!) which are a lovely touch.
Hanami picnics in front of Himeji Castle  2005 image via Wikipedia
I love that the Japanese celebrate Spring every year with their cherry blossom festival known as Hanami - which also celebrates the impermanent and transient aspects of nature and encapsulates what the Japanese refer to as wabi-sabi - it's a good allegory for life itself.

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