Thursday, August 13, 2015

The road less travelled

It might be wishful thinking but I am hoping that it's going to start getting warmer from tomorrow.  In the greyness of yesterday morning, I was out on the road heading to my client Avant Card's office in Brunswick.  Surprisingly, I don't take Bell Street there but prefer to cut through Northcote via Westgarth Street.  The best thing about driving down Westgarth Street was seeing the bright yellow blossoms on the boulevard of trees that line the street, against the backdrop of grey skies, which lifted my spirits no end in the drizzle.  If you are heading that way, make sure you keep an eye out as you drive - it's beautiful.
Gang Gang bird image via
Speaking of Spring, there is actually an annual Spring Outdoors program coordinated by Manningham, Banyule and Nillumbik Councils which includes some fantastic events.  Some of the highlight events include the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary Spotlighting Walks, two Breakfast with the Birds events, a Pop Up Park and Outdoor Cinema Event at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen on Sunday 19 September, an Open Farm Day in Nillumbik, the Practically Green and Eltham Copper Butterfly festivals both being held at Edendale Farm in Etham, the Wurundjeri Stories Indigenous Trail Walk at Pound Pend in Warrandyte, and the Star Gazing Night presented by the Astronomical Society at Westerfolds Park in Templestowe on Friday 20 November.
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There will also be a number of beekeeping workshops if you are interested in creating your own hive and honey.  I've read somewhere that local honey is good if you suffer from allergies and asthma as the bees use local pollens.  Heide Museum of Modern Art produces its own honey (from hives in Templestowe) which you can buy at the Heide Store and I know that Bundoora Homestead Art Centre has plans to also start producing its own as well.
Image via ABC Twitter page
Speaking of food, if you are a carnivore there is a new place called Dexter in Preston which specialises in meat and buns!  The name Dexter always reminds me of the robot from the matchmaking TV show of old Perfect Match (and not the serial killer TV series of the same name).  Being a sci fi geek I am really enjoying watching the BAFTA award winning show Humans on ABC2 at the moment on Monday nights - it's an English adaptation from the Swedish drama Real Humans and I reckon both the Swedish and the Danish produce great TV as well as being two of the most progressive countries in the world.  I'd love to visit one day...

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