Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Digital Age

The digital revolution has disrupted many industries including my own in the world of marketing, media and publishing.  Many years ago, I had the choice of studying to become either a journalist or a PR professional and in many ways, I am glad I went down the path of PR, particularly living in Melbourne.  That's not to say that my chosen field has remained immune to the the digital age but it's been interesting to see the birth of jobs which didn't even exist 5 years ago now being advertised.

And while I think marketing skills can be both innate as well as learnt, I'm not sure if that applies to writing.  Sure you can take classes to become a better writer and learn writing skills but I often think that writers are born not made - most writers possess a love of language and reading from a young age as well as an overwhelming need to express what they feel and think in the written form.  For me, it's also crossed over into the need to verbalise as well and getting over being a shy child to becoming a more mature and confident adult adept in the art of small talk and general conversation.
MWF (@MelbWritersFest) image via Twitter
While we're on the topic of writing, the Melbourne Writers Festival starts next week and I think the Digital DIY classes held by a number of well-known bloggers and online innovators including the likes of Pip Lincolne, Lucy Feagins, Leo Babauta, Sarah Wilson and Phoebe Montague would well be worth attending.  The best thing is that all 24 sessions are being held the weekend of the 22 and 23 August at the Northcote Town Hall and you can buy tickets here.
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If you are an aspiring writer, it's also great to know that we have our very own boutique micro publisher Busybird Publishing in Montmorency co-owned by the very lovely Blaise van Hecke, who also writes her own blog The Book Chick and who featured on my blog as a local profile earlier this year.  Speaking of which, I have met a number of really interesting, but equally as busy, people this year who I have asked to be local profiles - I'm hoping some of them come through for me at some stage soon given they tend to be the most highly read posts on this very blog.  People always love reading about other people - I think it is just human nature.

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