Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oh what a night...

Mr Rosanna and I went to Avant Card's Postcard of the Year Awards event last Friday night held in Experimedia at The State Library - the first time it's been held in Melbourne.  We had a great time!  While the Awards have been held every year for the past 8 years, the gala night is only staged every second year and the past few have all been in Sydney.
Uncle Joey Gnarnayarrahe performs traditional smoke ceremony on steps of State Library 
We were treated to some fantastic entertainment by way of Uncle Joey, an Aboriginal elder and didgeridoo player who both played and sang for us as well as later conducted a smoke ceremony of gum leaves collected from all who attended (we were asked to make a wish) outside the front of the library.  I actually sourced Uncle Joey from my friend Matt Hills at Urban Cirque on behalf of Avant Card as it was a long held wish of Managing Director Pat Mackle to have an Aboriginal musician perform at one of her events.
MC: Hannah Gadsby
The MC for the night was Hannah Gadsby who was even more funny and erudite in person than on TV - I think because she was given free reign to talk off the cuff instead of being more scripted.  And the overall winner for Postcard of the Year?  It was the Victorian Opera for their card 'The Flying Dutchman' and the absolute highlight of the night was having singer Carlos E. Barcenas then come out and sing for all of us present accompanied only by a grand piano, which was a big surprise.  Both Mr R and I got quite emotional listening - I've never been to the opera but the singing was beautiful to hear - pure perfection.  I've previously heard and booked student opera singers myself through the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music when I used to organise Christmas events at David Jones but this was definitely something else again.
Postcard of the Year Awards 2014/2015: Grand winner trophy
From the Victorian Opera: Pianist - Phoebe Briggs, Head of Music & performing the aria: Carlos E. Barcenas
It was great to meet a lot of the gang from Sydney given we operate as a virtual team at Avant Card spread across the Eastern Seaboard and I am a consultant.  Boy, those kids can party!  We went on to drinks at The Red Hummingbird rooftop bar and cocktail lounge, where I wanted to take home the Moroccan lightshades, upstairs off Russell Street before Mr R and I called it a night.
Me and Mr Rosanna on the big red couch in Experimedia at The State Library 
Me and the Avant Card gang
Having had only finger food at the event, we ended up having a late night meal at an old Cantonese favourite Nam Loong, before heading home.  As much as I wanted to go and join some of the stayers for a dance elsewhere, Mr R and I had to get up in the morning for Auskick.  It wasn't pleasant getting up early on Saturday morning on the back of a big night.  Can't party like we used to...
Rooftop Bar image via The Red Hummingbird

Cocktail Lounge image via The Red Hummingbird

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