Monday, July 27, 2015

Leaping like a leopard

Well my big run was yesterday and I'm glad to say I finished it!  I've only previously done the 5km Sussan Women's Fun Run, which was a lifetime ago - in fact it was life B.C. (before children) so the 10km Run Melbourne race was significant for me, being the second only fun run I've ever done and being twice the distance on the back of having had two children in the ensuing years.
Image via Sussan Women's Fun Run 2015
As a parent, it's been a long hard road back to fitness but I'm really pleased to say that these past few months of training in the cold paid off in that I actually ran faster in the second half of the run than I did in the first half, completing my run in just on an hour.  Given I never got to 10 km in my training, the last couple of kilometres were hard - things were starting to hurt by 8 km but the best feeling was seeing the finish line in sight as I headed into Birrarung Marr and Mr Rosanna being there along the way as my personal one man support team and cheer squad.
Image via Run Melbourne
Mr R is actually an ex-state champion middle distance runner from a running family so has done a few races himself back in the day, and a good person to have as support.  We caught the train in from Clifton Hill, which we often do when we're going into the city and don't want the hassle of parking - it means you have the choice of both the Epping and Hurstbridge lines when going in and returning meaning in theory half the waiting time for trains.  We actually met some other friends doing Run Melbourne in the last carriage so it was fun to go in with them, do a quick toilet stop in the warmth of the Arts Centre and then line up for the big race.
Me at the end of the race!
I'm not sure if it's because I'm used to the more social aspect of doing boot camp, but people were pretty quiet doing Run Melbourne - maybe because they were all concentrating in the zone or maybe because they were struggling to get through - but I found it quite subdued.  I started yelling when we got to the last kilometre because I was just happy to have made it that far!  It is a big thing to complete a run no matter what the distance and I reckon 75% of the crowd at Run Melbourne were women - it was really inspiring to see.  Also inspiring were the good luck messages I got before I did my run as well as the congratulations on finishing.  One of the messages one friend sent to me included some of the immortal lines from the movie Gallipoli:

Jack: What are your legs?
Archy Hamilton: Springs. Steel springs.
Jack: What are they going to do?
Archy Hamilton: Hurl me down the track.
Jack: How fast can you run?
Archy Hamilton: As fast as a leopard.
Jack: How fast are you going to run?
Archy Hamilton: As fast as a leopard!
Jack: Then let's see you do it!

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