Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A pizza my heart

I'm not sure about you but I've started to eat my way through winter since the cold season arrived.  I was relatively good while I was up north (when you're having to bare your body in bathers most days, it makes you more conscious of what you're eating) but not so great while I've been back home.  Like my youngest son, my weakness this winter has been bomboloni (Italian donuts filled with jam, custard or chocolate) and hot pies - apparently two of the worst things you can eat according to the dieticians!
Bomboloni image via Wikipedia
Hmmm...I'm going to have to change my ways before spring. Speaking of food however, there is a round up of the best pizza places in Melbourne in today's Age Good Food guide and I just wanted to highlight the ones that got a mention in the north-east.  Lazerpig in Collingwood, Supermaxi in Fitzroy North and The Moor's Head in Thornbury all made the top 10 with Hall of Fame entrants being 400 Gradi in Brunswick East, DOC and Kaprica - both in Carlton - and Ladro in Fitzroy.  Locally around here, Mr Rosanna and I sometimes go to Pasquale M with the boys in Rosanna and we have also bought takeaway from Toti's.  We were also fans of Amici Pizzeria for authentic Italian pizza in Heidelberg before it changed hands (I'm not sure of the quality now) and Woodfire Cafe Pizzeria in Ivanhoe is also good.
Pizza image via 400 Gradi
And while it's more east than north-east, Broadsheet also did a great round up of places to eat in Box Hill the other week if you're a fan of Cantonese and other Asian food like me.  Yum!


  1. Hey Miss Rosanna, Have you tried Pizza Farro on High Street? Its fabulous if you have young kids - we have eaten there a few times with our 18month old and if you are there at 6 or 6.30pm it is full of families with young kids, drawing on butcher's paper, playing games of uno etc while they eat pizza. The Service and the food is great too of course!
    Also thought I'd recommend Pop Up Scroll/Eat a Scroll on Smith Street if you are a fan of custard and dough (and lets face it, you are mad if you arent!!). Its run by Julian & Tammy formerly of Lip and the range of baked goods is to die(t) for.... www.eatascroll.com.au

  2. I've heard of Pizza Farro so we're definitely going to have to try that one, one night. As for Pop Up Scroll-that sound too tempting for words...thanks for the tips ms Banyule Modern

  3. You should also try For the love of Pizza - High St, Northcote. A bit further out, but delicious and worth the trip 😊

    1. So many choices! I've also heard good things about Pizza meine liebe in Northcote and The Moor's Head in Thornbury plus Pizza Espresso in Templestowe so we are definitely spirit for choice when it comes to pizza-very different from the suburban pizza offerings of old :-)