Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A local's recommendation

If you're anything like me, you probably like to get recommendations about local contacts so I just wanted to share a few today.  We're actually into the second half of winter and I am sure glad that it's on its way out after such a long and cold season.  If you have a fireplace or know someone who does, Mr Rosanna and I have previously used Blythe Clean Sweep (who have a Greensborough office) run by a father and son team to clean our chimney (as well as install a damper to keep animals and smoke out) - it's a good thing to do every year before you start lighting fires at home.  Email blythescleanweep@gmail.com or phone 0412 116 981 for more information.
Rosanna Village image via dyob.com.au
I am a fan of the 'make do and mend' philosophy and often have my shoes re-heeled and soled at Chris the Cobbler at 5 Bellevue Avenue, off Lower Plenty Road in the Rosanna Village shopping precinct.  They also repair bags and cut keys and I often think cobbling is a dying art.  Both my local baker and the guys at Chris the Cobbler have told me they'd like to take on apprentices but no-one's taken them up on the offer.  I've picked up a card for Julie's Clothing Repairs and Alterations while I've been at Chris the Cobbler as I think it's a great idea, particularly if you're a vintage clothing lover like me who sometimes needs alterations done or have short legs and need pants taken up.  I've not used Julie before but it's nice to know there is a local go to person.  Her mobile is 0415 595 173 or home 9457 6292.  I've also been recommended a seamstress by the David Jones ladies wear department at Westfield Doncaster - Anna Marino is at 31 Cuthbert Street Bulleen and her phone number is 9850 5371.  If you're no fan of ironing or time-poor, a local lady called Wayan is also offering professional ironing at $20 per hour or $35 per basket - call 0468 947 377.
Bien Food Store & Cafe image via www.goodfood.com.au
Before the Italian delicatessen Slice of Europe in Station Road, Rosanna closed down, they also recommended a couple of other European delis including Olympus Delicatessen at 72 Jackson Court in East Doncaster as well as Slavonija Deli C-234 Preston Market in Murray Road, Preston, which I have previously mentioned on my blog.  It's just as well Bien Food Store & Cafe, which has previously been written up in The Age Good Food, is still open - their Macedonian food is delicious!
Image via Otto & Spike
Interesting to read too, that heater sales along with scarves and beanies and snow/outdoor gear have been going through the roof due to our colder than normal winter.  I was lucky enough to be given a beautiful Otto  & Spike scarf from one of my sisters for my recent birthday - they've been making knitwear in Brunswick for the past 40 years and one of the lucky businesses to have been part of the recent demand for winter woollies.

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