Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thriller night

I hope you are travelling better than me so far this winter.  Despite having had a flu shot, I've managed to come down with the mother of all viruses and have been mostly bed-ridden since the weekend.  So some dark days for me, speaking of which, it's the winter solstice this Saturday and there's lots on this week and next.
Image via Darebin Arts
If you're in need of some good humour at the moment, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is actually on tomorrow night at the Darebin Arts Centre in Preston.  If retail therapy is more your thing, both Bonnie and Neil as well as textile designer Nicola Cerini are having studio sales this coming weekend at their respective studios in Brunswick and Abbotsford.  Both do beautiful homewares inspired by the natural environment and this is your last chance to snaffle up some of Nicola's plasto bags, which she is no longer producing.
Image via The Melbourne Magic Festival
The wicked sounding Goblin Ball is being held this Saturday night at the Northcote Town Hall to celebrate the solstice and this same venue will hold the Melbourne Magic Festival next week starting from 29 June.  Sounding all a bit mystical?  It's nice to believe in magic - germs begone!

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