Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Distant shores...

I hope you had a great long weekend doing something relaxing.  It's the last public holiday for a while so it's always good to make the most of things.  We went to the park yesterday and watched people flying their kites given it was a windy day - it was nice to stop and smell the roses in the winter sunshine.
Image via Barefoot Gypsy
The nights are starting to get pretty cool and it's about this time of year every year that I start dreaming of distant shores.  I am still obsessed with Moroccan pom pom blankets - I have a thing for pom poms and these are still on my lust list.  I've been doing a bit of internet surfing and discovered some other lovely Australian online stores by owners who are just as passionate about travel and exotic locations as I am.
Image via Amber Skies
Here's a quick list of stores that are worth checking out if you are home decorating or lucky enough to be travelling to warmer shores over the winter - Amber Skies, Barefoot Gypsy, Hamimi, Paddo to Palmy, Sage and Clare and Tissu.  Also don't forget there's still a 10% discount offer for Romulus and the Gypsy in Ivanhoe until the end of this week for Miss Rosanna readers. Happy shopping!

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