Monday, May 18, 2015

Million dollar views

The weather is gorgeous outside today and I am making the most of the sunshine while it's here.  I managed to get to the auction of the Banyule Homestead in Buckingham Street, Heidelberg on Saturday just as the bell was ringing, sneaking in at the back of the crowd.  I think changing to a prestige real estate agency and extending the reach of advertising also worked in that there were a number of blonde women from south of the Yarra and Chinese people all in attendance at the auction, which took place at the back of the house.
Banyule Homestead auction
Bidding started at a lazy $4 million before reaching $5 million (when the homestead was officially on the market) and crept up to $5.2 million when it sold - the buyers are apparently a Toorak family and all I hope is that they respect the property and surrounding land, along with understanding the historical significance of Banyule Homestead and what it means to local people and beyond.  It would be lovely if they opened up the building, or at least the gardens, to the public at some future stage but we'll see what happens.  The uninterrupted views from behind the house over the river are pretty amazing and I'm glad I took the opportunity to have a peek.
View from behind Banyule Homestead
I also managed to get to the Assisi Centre Garage Sale on Rosanna Road in Rosanna although it was mainly junk by the time I got there.  I also think the former Sisters of Mercy Convent exterior is more impressive than what I saw of the interior, no disrespect to the current management, but it was looking a bit tired inside.
Assisi Centre
Mr Rosanna and I had a party to go to on Saturday night and I love it when it's local.  We had a great time and I've now bought a number of these Boheme Paddywax soy candles in hand painted bowls from Romulus and the Gypsy as gifts.  I hope you are enjoying the sunshine today!
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