Monday, May 11, 2015

Mama's Day

I hope all of you out there who are mothers had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday.  I got served pancakes in bed and some lovely handmade presents from my boys, as well as a gift voucher for a shiatsu massage at the aptly named Onsen Ma Japanese Bathhouse in Meyers Place in the city.  Ma in this case actually means 'space' and and 'onsen' is a Japanese bath.  While I've previously been to the Japanese Bath House in Collingwood and also had a treatment at Chuan Spa at Southgate, I've not been to Onsen Ma so I'm looking forward to going especially as Meyers Place has also changed over the years and now hosts a number of different bars and restaurants.  I am a fan of shiatsu massage given you can keep your clothes on (which is good during the colder months!) and I've previously given Mr Rosanna gift vouchers for shiatsu treatments locally with Aliki Zouliou.

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Mr R and I then went onto yum cha at Golden Dragon Palace in Lower Templestowe, which does three sittings on Mother's Day.  We'd booked last minute and got into the first sitting at 10.30am (meaning we had to be out by 11.45am), which was actually a good thing as parking can be tricky there during changeover time between sittings (there is underground parking if you miss a spot at street level) and we were there when they opened the doors.  It really is a great place to go for good yum cha and yesterday didn't disappoint.  Given we took Nan and Papa for the first time, they also loved the food, the decor and the relative quiet.  Despite the numbers, the acoustics and the fact that it's carpeted mean you can actually hear each other speak without yelling across the table, which they appreciated.

In the afternoon, I managed to go for a long run in the cold so it was great to come home to find a roast dinner being cooked and an open fire on so the boys could toast marshmallows.  It has been a cold Autumn so far and I'll be posting on more indoor activities later this week.

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