Monday, May 4, 2015

Life is but a dream

Mr Rosanna and I have a winter project in that we have finally turned our attention to the spare room which was a storage room/dumping ground up until last year.  We have dreams of turning it into a mid century-style retreat/studio complete with proper heating and lighting so we found ourselves shopping for track lighting this past weekend.  I've now bought a number of lamps and light fittings from Home of Lights in Fairfield, who are also a franchise like Beacon Lighting, but have a different range to them so are well worth visiting if you're in the market for new lights, light fittings or lamps or you would like to do a comparison.
Given it was the afternoon by the time we made it there, we ended up making an impromptu visit to the Fairfield Boathouse, and I'm happy to say this time I was more appropriately dressed than I was for Granny Annie's birthday at Studley Park Boathouse, because you know when you go to a boat house with kids, guess what they'll want to do?  Mr R and I managed to order and eat some Devonshire Tea (and they do lovely scones at Fairfield) before we headed down to the river.
I'm glad we went for a row as it's very serene being on the water, both Mr R and I had turns rowing up and then back to the boathouse, along with our two boys, who also had great fun feeding the ducks.  A tip if you go, take your own cornflakes to feed to them!  It's $28 for half an hour to row and a lovely way to spend some time, particularly with the weather being so mild at the moment.  Just watch out for the snakes if you ever go at the height of summer!
We also gave the boys a run around on the oval near the carpark which has beautifully manicured lawn and was bathed in golden sunshine by late afternoon.  I hope you had a great weekend.

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