Friday, May 15, 2015

All the colours

There's nothing like some colour to cheer your day when it's cold and miserable outside.  I was out on the road briefly yesterday afternoon and stopped in at Romulus and the Gypsy in Ivanhoe to buy a birthday present.  It's always a festival of colour inside Gabby's shop (which now also offers online shopping), just like Gabby herself.  I ended up buying a Viva La Soap for myself, which is actually made in Darwin and I love the packaging!
Image via Viva La Body
I also stopped in briefly at Andrew's Books further up the road to buy myself a book and have settled on this one - The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George.  Its front cover is just as appealing as what I think the content is likely to be and just like art galleries, I always find bookshops to be very peaceful places.
Speaking of which, I had my first shift as a Visitor Services Volunteer rotating between all three gallery spaces at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen last week and it's just such a serene place to be - full of calm and inspiration.  After starting my day with a cup of tea with the staff (one of their morning rituals) - one of the longer term staff members mentioned that most people visit Heide I for the history, Heide II for the architecture and Heide III for the art and I tend to agree.

There is a couple of interesting events on locally this weekend including the Assisi Centre Garage Sale on Rosanna Road in Rosanna from 9 am - 3 pm - I have no idea what will be on sale but it's a chance to see the former Sisters of Mercy Convent building if you are interested like me.  The Banyule Homestead in Buckingham Drive, Heidelberg is also being auctioned at 12.30pm tomorrow and will be an opportunity to see some local history for sale - I am keen to know who will buy it.

The weather's also looking good for the weekend and the Booroondara, Carlton and Fairfield Farmers Markets are all on.

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